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Creating and maintaining a bond with you and your child

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We recognise the value and importance of a strong partnership between child care professionals and parents. We know that as parents you understand your children better than anybody else, and our staff aim to work with you and your children and to build on the foundations that you have laid. We are here to continue your child’s learning journey, and our team always value your input, comments and suggestions so that we can maintain a close relationship with your child.

Progress checks

Between the age of two and three, we will complete a progress check with you to cover personal, social and emotional development, as well as physical development, communication and language. This progress check allows us to continue planning an individual programme to suit your child and his or her development.

How we work

When your child starts you will be given a handbook which includes useful information about our facilities, our policies and our procedures. You will be invited to join us with your child for a session before he or she is due to start. This will help your child settle in before attending regularly.

Keeping you informed

We produce a regular newsletter to keep you informed about all aspects of Little Learners. There are notice boards for parents in our reception areas. We regularly update you on your child's progress.
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