Our Activities

Activities at Little Learners

Play activities for children
Activities are changed daily to stimulate a child's curiosity, interest and desire to learn.We have visitors to the Centre on a regular basis, such as the Fire Brigade, Dental Hygienist, Librarian, Ambulance Service or Police as a method of reinforcing learning in a fun way.

Daily activities include:

Stories and prereading skills
Singing and music
Construction toys
Table top activities
Art and crafts
Dressing up
Outside play

Activity areas:

3 large classrooms
Dining room
Sleep room
Themed playroom
Outside play areas
activity areas

Our exciting and safe indoor and outdoor activity areas

Our activity area consists of 3 large classrooms, a dining room, a sleep room, library, a themed playroom and safe outside play areas.
Play area

Laughter and learning

We believe that laughter, fun and enjoyment are the best context for learning. This remains our core aim - to provide children with the best quality education in an enjoyable and exciting way.

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