Our Early Years Foundation Stage

Our Early Years Foundation Stage


We recognise the importance of keeping up to date with all new developments in the Early Years Sector and strive to continually enhance our service to incorporate new ideas and requirements. Little Learners offers a balance of child initiated and adult initiated activities which motivate, stimulate and reinforce learning. We are constantly aware of these principles, sensitively meeting the children's needs.

The prime areas

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
We facilitate this by helping children to play co-operatively and take turns with others. We help them to form happy, positive relationships with adults and their peers. We help them to manage their feelings and follow the simple behavioural rules of the Centre. We make sure children feel safe and secure at Little Learners.
Communication and Language
We introduce children to a variety of stories and encourage repetition, rhythm and rhyme. We provide opportunities for listening and show interest when children express ideas. At Little Learners we talk about a variety of subjects through topics and extend the children's vocabulary. We help children to express themselves effectively.
Physical Development
We provide the children with daily opportunities both inside and outside to move in a range of ways and develop good control and co-ordination. Children learn to handle a range of objects from large balls to pencils for writing.

Children camping

The specific areas

At Little Learners we are passionate about reading. Children learn to handle books and look for print. They are introduced to the initial sounds in words and learn to link sounds to letters. Older children take home books to share with their parents. Children are encouraged to mark make and attempt to write their own name.  
We make maths exciting and stimulating. We give children objects to explore, count, talk about and move. Through using the children's interests we teach them to count reliably from one to twenty, to find totals and talk about "more" and "fewer". Children explore shapes, use positional language, order items by weight or capacity and use the language of time.
Understanding the world
Children enjoy festivals such as Chinese New Year, Diwali, Hanukah and Christmas. They learn about communities and traditions. The natural world is introduced through activities such as planting in the garden, watching caterpillars grow or making leaf pictures. Children acquire basic technology skills using the computers or operating electronic toys.
Expressive arts and design
Children are encouraged to sing, explore musical instruments, experience different types of music and to express themselves through dance and movement. They find out about textures, learn to mix colours and to use different materials to build and design. Children are provided with a rich variety of resources to enhance role-play. We help the children to represent their ideas and experiences by providing an enabling environment.

Art class

Creativity & self expression

Children are encouraged to sing, explore musical instruments and experience different types of music as well as express themselves through dance and movement. They learn to mix colours, textures and use different materials to build and design. We provide various resources and an enabling environment where children can present their ideas and experiences through roleplays.

Children learning

Exposure to nature, traditions and technology

We celebrate various festivals from all over the world such as Chinese New Year, Diwali, Hanukkah and Christmas, so that our children can learn about different communities and traditions.
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