Nutrition & Health

Our nutritional and health programme

health programme

Healthy eating is promoted through offering balanced, nutritious, healthy meals especially designed for this age group. Snacks of milk, juice or water and homemade biscuits and fresh fruit are available for mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks. We celebrate birthdays with specially baked cakes! We hold a Five Star Food Award from the Environmental Health Department.


A choice of:
 Fruit juice


We have appetising lunches freshly prepared daily. Parents can help their children choose from a constantly changing menu, which includes roast meat and vegetables, curry dishes, fish pie, pasta dishes, rice puddings and classic favourites like pizza, jelly and ice cream.


A choice of:
 Filled Pitta bread

Special eating requirements

If your child requires vegetarian meals or any other special meals, we are happy to talk to you, and arrange for our Catering Manager to create a menu that suits your child.
Nutritious lunch
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